Bespoke Carpentry from New Home Builders in Ely | Using House Extensions and Other New Space as Your Home Office

Are you one of the many people whose job has transitioned to a work-from-home role? Whether you’re out of the office permanently or on a flexible basis, you’re likely already aware of the importance of a home office. When the coronavirus pandemic first arose in early 2020, many people working from home made do with seizing the kitchen table, putting a desk in the bedroom or sitting out in a conservatory that was either too hot or too cold. It soon became clear that these were not long-term options.

It’s little surprise, then, that many of the Ely-based clients we work with as building contractors and new home builders have a clear focus on creating a home office. This ranges from house extensions built entirely for this purpose, or making sure your home contains one using bespoke carpentry.

National statistics reflect this demand. Recent research by Aviva found that 34% of people working from home currently use an office already inside their property. A further 43% have plans to do so in the future.

Are you preparing to create a home office in your current property or upcoming new build? If yes, we have provided some advice below to help optimise comfort and functionality. Call us today to find out more about our services in Ely and the surrounding areas.

What Makes a Great Home Office?

Our team of building contractors and new home builders share decades of industry experience. Over the years, we have helped property owners in Ely and the surrounding areas create the perfect working environment within the confines of their home.
  • Natural Light

    Sitting down all day looking at a computer monitor can damage your eyesight. When creating offices from scratch, as with house extensions, try to optimise natural light with large, well-positioned windows
  • Organisation

    Cluttered work spaces soon become chaotic. Having created a bright, airy room, it’s important to keep it clean and organised. A great way to do this is with innovative storage solutions, especially those that make use of odd dimensions with bespoke carpentry
  • Comfort

    If you’re working from home permanently, a comfortable chair is an essential investment. Because you spend half the day sitting on it, a premium choice can improve your working life and productivity, not to mention your posture
  • Ergonomic Rules

    Following ergonomic rules further minimises the damage caused by sitting for long hours. The basics include setting up your space so your neck and back are straight with your arms parallel to the floor. You should avoid slouching too
  • Add Plants

    As building contractors and new home builders, we can’t help as much with this one! However, various studies have shown how useful indoor plants can be, from cleaning the air to providing a pleasing splash of natural colour
  • Personalise

    Be it house extensions, loft conversions or in new builds, your office is still part of your home. Functionality and organisation are priorities, yes, but you should put just as much of your own personal style into it as any other room
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