House Extensions in Newmarket | Our Building Contractors Explain Pre-Build Tasks for Large-Scale Projects

Do you want to increase the amount of living space at your home? Or are you planning to build a completely new property from scratch in Newmarket or the surrounding areas? Be it house extensions, loft conversions or new homes, large-scale construction projects of this nature come with an understandable amount of excitement. The team at Axiom Construction has a skillset that covers every aspect of domestic building work, including bespoke carpentry. As such, you can rely on us as your project’s building contractors or new home builders.

When you extend and convert, you improve your home’s functionality and your household’s quality of life. With a new home, you can turn your dream home into a stunning reality. In all cases, you will likely spend hours daydreaming about your results, from the interior design to creating new memories.

However, long before this point, you must face the pre-build phase, let alone the physical construction. Of course, the specifics alter depending on the kind of project you undertake, but they typically involve ensuring compliance with standards, regulations and planning permission requirements. Contact us today to learn more.

A Closer Look at Your Pre-Build Needs

Below, we have looked at the common pre-build tasks associated with our house extensions, loft conversions and new developments in Newmarket and the neighbouring areas. Please note, this information is only a guide. It is not advice. The only way to receive a personalised solution is to schedule an initial consultation with one of our building contractors or new home builders (depending on your needs) by calling 01638 389736.

New Builds

When managing a new build, Axiom Construction builds a new property from the foundations up, with bespoke carpentry and other services. As a result, it involves considerably more pre-build tasks when compared with an extension or loft conversion. 

Your needs will vary depending on how you intend to use the finished property, i.e. whether you will live in, rent or sell it. Generally speaking, though, the basic steps for a new construction can include:
  • Arrange your mortgage in principle

  • Visit local areas of available land

  • Assess the land’s development potential

  • Confirm the budget for your project

  • Have your proposed site valued

  • Schedule a survey for your site

  • Purchase the land for your new home

  • Choose your architect and new home builders

  • Draw up designs for your new home

  • Secure local authority planning consent

  • Apply for water and electricity to your site

  • Arrange site insurance and warranty

  • Pay land registry fees

  • Prepare detailed drawings for the property

  • Gain Building Regulations approval

  • Put your contract out to tender

House Extensions

As with loft conversions, our building contractors deliver much-needed extra space with completed extensions in and around Newmarket. While this still involves building a new structure, it is much smaller in scale when compared with new homes.

This means they have a shorter list of pre-build tasks. Again, steps may vary, but they usually include:
  • Set a realistic budget for your project

  • Assess criteria for permitted developments

  • Where required, apply for planning permission

  • Inform neighbouring residents about your plans

  • Ensure your builders have the necessary access

  • Establish the locations of your property’s drains

Axiom Construction also advises checking your current insurance policies. Make sure it covers your property during building work.

Loft Conversions

Whereas new homes and house extensions involve the creation of new space on available land, a loft conversion optimises an existing structure.

With our expertise as general building contractors and new home builders, we complete conversions of every kind in the Newmarket area. The pre-conversion tasks include:
  • Confirm that your loft has the required headroom for conversion

  • Check which conversion styles apply to your property type

  • Find out if your project meets ‘permitted development’ limits

  • Where required, apply for planning permission

  • Secure a Party Wall Agreement, if necessary

  • Consider where you will place the new access staircase

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